Concrete Crack Solutions

We provide services for any Concrete, Stucco, or Brick Surface as well as repair water leaks caused by cracking. Although we disguise the repairs with our professional finishing and texturing techniques, we do not claim to make the cracks "disappear" or "become invisible." Once repaired, the surface can be painted for a great looking finish. All work is done by the owner and is registered and fully insured (Business License OCC #172950).


The best coatings for pool decks and lanai areas are Flex Bon Floor Guard or Tuf Top Pool Deck Coating. For driveway repairs, Tuf Top Acrylic Concrete Floor & Driveway Enamel is ideal. Both products are water based acrylics and available at Sherwin-Williams stores. Xylene based paints/stains are not permitted. Customers should be aware of paint compatibility issues when painting over a previously painted surface. On driveways, all unpainted crack repairs will be coated with MinWax Helmsman clear spar urethane to cut down on tire marks.

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We will replace, at our expense (materials and labor), any FlexSeal crack repair(s) that re-cracks or separates for a period of 3 years. ***Except if there is a significant structural shift in the concrete or the repaired area is abused***

Please allow 1 Day before walking on repaired areas, 3 Days before driving on repaired areas, and a full 7 Days for curing before paint may be applied.

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